Annual Academy membership for 2018 is £60 per child.

We offer Siblings a reduced rate of £50 for 2nd child, £40 for 3rd child, £30 for 4th and so on.

There is a reduced fee of £30 for any child joining after 1st July.

A rider can try their first session at no cost. Thereafter a £5.00 fee applies for a race meeting, should they not wish to take out the annual membership.  This includes races organised by the respective Jersey Cycling Association senior clubs.

Membership is undertaken online using the British Cycling club membership portal If you need to check your British Cycling membership number please contact the British Cycling Membership team at  0161 274 2010 or email them

Please note that there is a £1 admin fee for using this. 

The Academy is keen to attract as wide a membership as possible and does not wish cost to be a barrier to membership. The Academy has put aside a fund for any parent/guardian who needs additional support; application should be made via any committee member.