Loan Bikes

Many of the coaching activities undertaken by the Academy simply require the rider to have a bike of any description, provided it is safe to use. However in a competitive environment it is essential for the rider to have a bike that is fit for purpose if they are going to compete effectively and enjoy the experience. The Academy has a limited supply of loan bikes (principally road racing ) for academy riders to use.

With numbers limited any application to benefit from the loan scheme will be treated on a first come first served basis.

Bikes are loaned at the discretion of the Academy on the following conditions:

  • The rider has demonstrated a commitment to developing their cycling skills and take part in the competitive events organised by the Academy or the Cycling clubs on a regular basis
  • The rider undertakes to maintain the bike under guidance from Academy coaches
  • The rider agrees to cover the cost of normal wear and tear generated by using the bike such as tyres, chains, inner tubes, and brake blocks.
  • The Academy undertakes to cover the cost of major equipment failure such as gears, cranks, wheels and frame.
  • The loan will be limited to a maximum period of 1 year.
  • Parents will be asked to sign a loan agreement if they wish to borrow a bike from the club.
  • Servicing of loan bikes is only to be arranged through the membership secretary, due to arrangements that the club have in place.

Bike Loan Form