Values & Conduct

Our Values

The Jersey Cycling Association has created the Youth Academy to promote the benefits of competitive cycling for children under the age of 18 in Jersey across all cycling disciplines. There is no minimum age limit, but the child must be able to ride a bike safely on their own over a respectable distance…as a rough guide children aged 4 are the minimum age acceptable and one lap of the Le Quennevais track is a good guide.

The Academy will do all it can to facilitate children entering the sport including lending bikes for a limited period, providing basic coaching, guidance on bike maintenance and riding a bike safely. Safety is the first priority and helmets must be worn at all organised events… it is the law for those under 14 and also regarded as good practice for all age groups to wear helmets whenever riding. Parents are encouraged to set an example in this area.

Participants and parents should note that whilst the Academy will do all it can to protect those competing. accidents may occur and in such cases the club cannot accept responsibility for the child’s welfare.

The Academy will be guided by the Britsh Cycling (BC) code of conduct and procedures for the protection and welfare of children. Organisers and helpers will have submitted criminal record bureau checks and completed the Child Protection Service course in safeguarding and protecting children from abuse. A number of organisers and helpers will hold BC coaching qualifications

Our Code of Conduct

It is vital that all involved in running or taking part in the Youth Academy (JCAYA) behave in a way that brings credit to the JCAYA’s sponsors, the JCA, Cycling, and Jersey as a whole. The code set out below is designed to achieve this. The term ‘riders’ is used to describe both members of the Academy and adult coaches or helpers.

All riders when representing the JCAYA at events and races whether on Jersey or off island must as a general rule wear the JCAYA sponsored kit provided.

All riders must wear helmets when riding in the JCAYA kit or taking part in any event or race.

All riders must refrain from using foul or abusive language whatever the provocation.

In the event of an incident the senior rider present should note details and notify the JCAYA committee as soon as possible. In the case of emergency the senior member present should contact the appropriate authorities.

Safety is the first priority and JCAYA riders must ride in a manner that does not place other riders or fellow road users in danger.

JCAYA riders when taking part in events or races on Jersey or off island are expected to behave in a manner that reflects well on the JCAYA.

JCAYA riders taking part in races are expected to follow the directions given by the coach/team manager unless circumstances in the race justify deviating from these.

JCAYA members when under the care of JCAYA adult coaches/helpers are expected to behave well and follow instructions given by the adult.

Failure to follow the code may lead to the member being asked to leave the JCAYA.

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