Travel Grants

We believe that for those riders wishing to compete at a high level it is vital they travel off-island to compete in both the UK and Europe. The cost of ferries, flights, hire cars and accommodation can be expensive, and is an issue for the majority of island clubs.

We are therefore very grateful to our sponsor HSBC, and continued support from Jersey Sport for 2019, to enable us to offer every rider a travel grant for every off-island trip.
The process for grants from Jersey Sport has recently changed and the grant we are given is based on the trips and events that members have attended.  We do however guarantee minimum grants, as follows:
Riders grants will be a minimum of £50, up to £75.
Chaperones grants minimum £30, up to £50.
Riders will only receive 1 grant per trip, even if more than 1 event is attended.
Riders are not expected to claim if they have already received a grant for the trip from another club (e.g. Tri-club, or senior bike club etc.) 
For trips like the Southerns or Winchester where Jersey Youth Cycling transports the bikes, we will deduct £20 for the grant for the cost of transporting the bike.

To claim
Download the claim form here, complete it, attach or scan supporting travel and accommodation receipts and email it to
Submit claims on a quarterly basis; May for events attended in Q1, July for events attended in Q2, Oct for events attended in Q3 and at end of Q4 for events in Q4.
We will then pay out the minimum amount due quarterly, and make an upward adjustment and payment later in the year when we know what Jersey Sport have given us for those events attended.