We're changing our name!

Thinking caps on - we're changing our name...!

"JCAYA" has served us well but we feel it’s time to come up with something a bit more catchy and memorable - something that describes what we do and where we are from. It will also help the announcers at the Isle of Man Youth Tour who just couldn’t get it, gave up trying and just called us “YMCA”!

Behind the scenes JCAYA will remain the formal name, but the new name will be what everyone knows us as. Branding will be phased in slowly so don’t worry about new kit just yet!

It’s over to you and the kids - leave your ideas in the comments below, we will draw up a shortlist to take to our sponsor for their input, and the winner will be announced soon. There might even be a prize...

Here’s a few to get you started:
Jersey Red Racers, Jersey Youth Wheelers,
Jersey Racing Rockets, Red Leopards